A simple interface to view and manage your zones, both internals (Bind, ...) and publics (OVH, Gandi, ...).

Edit your zone files more efficiently.

Whatever the host of your zones, happyDNS displays them in a clear way to limit errors.

By installing happyDNS next to your Bind or PowerDNS, enjoy the interface without changing your configuration. (coming soon)

Liste des domaines, regroupés astucieusement par client
Review and confirm the changes that will be applied

View your changes before applying them.

Before publishing your changes, happyDNS shows you what changes will be made. A preview that will avoid many mistakes.

You can even select which changes you want to release now and which ones should wait.

Share the zone management with your teams or collaborators. (coming soon)

Whether it's permanent or in preparation for a particular event, happyDNS gives you the ability to collaborate on editing the same area.

Delegate to your teams all or only part of the area, it's up to you.

Liste des domaines, regroupés astucieusement par client
Liste des domaines, regroupés astucieusement par client

Manage simply, even the special zones. (coming soon)

Looking for an interface that displays reverse IPv4/IPv6 zones in a human way? Or a Real-time Blockhole List (DNSBL) zone? Or a DNS Response Policy Zones (DNS-RPZ)?

happyDNS understands them and allows you to manage them unequivocally.

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It's free software.

happyDNS is a free project that you can use online, but you can also install on your machine.

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We are a team of passionate system administrators/DevOps!

Our ambition is to make domain names accessible and usable for everyone!