A REST API and web interface to centralize domain management in the cloud, with suppliers and on premise.

All your domains' operations
accessible via a REST API.

Everything that's done in the happyDomain web interface can easily be done with the API, in your language of choice.

Our REST API is fully documented, and thanks to Swagger, you can browse it and easily generate a tool using it in any supported language.

See the API documentation and try it out now!
Our REST API, commented and exposed with Swagger
Liste des domaines, regroupés astucieusement par client

Forget about the complexity of each hosting company.
Take advantage of our unified interface.

Don't be afraid of discovering a new host. happyDomain manages over 25 hosts worldwide:

  • cloud services : Route53, Azure DNS, Google Cloud DNS, DigitalOcean, Linode, Oracle Cloud, ...
  • CDN : Akamai Edge DNS, Cloudflare, ...
  • registrar : OVH, Gandi, Namecheap, Vultr, ...
  • your local setup : BIND, PowerDNS, knot, ...
See the list of supported DNS hosts.

Respond to all requests
with ease.

A new service? An urgent fix? happyDomain uses simple terminology to stay focused.

Liste des domaines, regroupés astucieusement par client
Python SDK usage

Many tools are already available for you, DevOps.

  • Ansible collection: add or modify zone records, manage new domains through their registrar, manage happyDomain's users, or deploy happyDomain using the official Ansible collection.
  • Python SDK: easily automate all aspects of your domains, with the simplicity of Python.
  • and counting…

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It's free software.

happyDomain is a free project that you can use online, but you can also install on your machine.

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About us?

We are a team of passionate system administrators/DevOps!

Our ambition is to make domain names accessible and usable for everyone!

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