An interface to regain control of your domains
and forget frictions of their management.

Keep track of every change with the built-in history.

happyDNS allows you to go back at any time in case of a problem.

The history allows you to easily track the latest changes, keeping track of who made them. (coming soon)

Liste des domaines, regroupés astucieusement par client
Liste des domaines, regroupés astucieusement par client

Share the management of zones between your teams. (coming soon)

Reduce friction between your teams by allowing them to manage records related to their projects (internal or even public).

happyDNS implements a powerful access control system allowing you to delegate all or part of a zone, up to the recording.

Centralize and synchronize your domain portfolios.

happyDNS connects to more than 25 hosting providers worldwide. You can manage them in the interface with one click.

Liste des domaines, regroupés astucieusement selon vos besoins
Relisiez puis confirmer les modifications qui seront appliquées

Keep track of the purpose of each sub-domain. (coming soon)

happyDNS allows you to set an expiration date on your subdomains so that a temporary event and its servers do not remain accessible, simply because a closing ticket has not been processed. We take care of it automatically.

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happyDNS is a free project that you can use online, but you can also install on your machine.

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About us?

We are a team of passionate system administrators/DevOps!

Our ambition is to make domain names accessible and usable for everyone!