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Finally a simple interface for domain names.

happyDomain is a modern open-source web application, that aims to simplify all your usages of domain names. Connecting a blog, a shop or doing advanced stuff is just a click away.

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We were present at the FOSDEM 2024

See our presentation on Let's make people love domain names again on the FOSDEM website, along with the video.


Do you find hosting providers' interfaces for domain name incomprehensible or unusable?

Reconcile with your domain names, thanks to an interface designed for you.

Neophyte friends, our simple interface will guide you in the configuration of your domain name, without going through the proper domain name terminology.

Recognized experts: change your point of view on DNS, with an ergonomic interface in the age of time that will meet all your expectations.

Learn how happyDomain can help you:

What can happyDomain do for you today?

Choose your provider

Manage your zones hosted on hosting providers

happyDomain can group the domains you own in different registrars. We currently support 38 providers like OVH, Gandi, DigitalOcean, ...

See all supported registrar
Are you using another registrar?
An interface on top of your existing server

Manage your zones backed by BIND, Knot, PowerDNS, ...

happyDomain can be used as an interface above an authoritative name server. It uses the Dynamic DNS (RFC 2136), implemented in many server software.

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Sample diff

Clearly visualize changes

Before publishing your changes, happyDomain shows you exactly what changes (additions, modifications, deletions, ...) will be made to your zone. This is a good time to reread.

DNS Resolver

Test or debug your zone online

happyDomain integrates an easy-to-use DNS resolver, which allows you to effortlessly connect to about 50 public resolvers. You can easily see the propagation of your changes.

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Use happyDomain as a API REST

happyDomain exposes a REST API that you can use to automate sub-domain creation tasks on the fly, for example in your continuous deployment system.

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Zone's history

Keeping track of changes

happyDomain doesn't just show you your zone as it is published. Every modification is saved to keep a history of your changes. In case of problem, go back to a previous version in 2 clicks.

And we have many other features in preparation...

Add your domain names

3 minutes to create your new preferred domain name management space.

Download section


Our source code is freely available under the AGPL license in our git repository, hosted by Framagit.

You can download the latest nightly version of happyDomain for Linux x86_64, Linux arm64 or macOS x86_64.

We publish a Docker image, feel free to test it thanks to:

    docker run -e HAPPYDOMAIN_NO_AUTH=1 -p 8081:8081 happydomain/happydomain

Precompiled binaries are also availables on https://get.happydomain.org/.


🧰 Bugs and Features

Problem, missing feature? Please, take one minute to report it on the project’s issues page.

🧳 Translations

You speak another language than French or English? Give a hand to translate happyDomain. Write us at contact at happydomain.org.

💻 Code

Skilled developer? Contribute to the code! Check out our repository on Framagit.


💬 Chat

Join our Matrix or IRC channel #happydomain on Libera.Chat to share ideas or ask questions.

✍🏼 Contact

Need more? Contact us at contact at happydomain.org.

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